JURUKUR TEGUH was initially JURUKUR BERJAYA and established in November 1984 as a Licensed Land Survey firm providing quite a conservative land survey services throughout Malaysia.

Since then, JURUKUR TEGUH has acquired greater force and started stretching the wings with marked expansion and numerous diversity covering other hi-tech survey related areas such as hydrographic, Offshore GIS, GPS, aerial photogrammetry, remote sensing and underground utility detection.
Growing dynamically as a progressive, efficient and responsible organization where skill, expertise and personal initiative are stimulated, the Firm is aiming to be the leading edge in providing survey related services with utmost consistent quality, reliability, convenience and assurance.

Besides our in-house expertise, we are also capable to call a wide range of professional resources from our worldwide associates to provide professional assistance in any complicated and sophisticated task being put forward. We take pride in every assignment that we do to ensure our quest for excellence never ends and we shall continue to endeavor in providing quality services to our most valued clients.

As symbol of recognition, the Firm has already been registered with the LEMBAGA JURUKUR TANAH MALAYSIA, MINISTRY OF FINANCE, PETRONAS, Telekom Malaysia Berhad, TNB, PEJUTA, KOJUTA, RISM, GST, KWSP, Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad, PROPEL, Calibration Certificate, MRCB, DBKL, Kementerian Belia Dan Sukan, MPS, Perbadanan Perwira Harta Malaysia and MAIS Corporation, Jabatan Perhutanan Negeri Selangor, PKNS and Perbadanan Putrajaya.
With continued support, confidence and expertise from our team of dedicated and highly trained staffs has guaranteed us successful outstanding performance of all our undertakings.